About the Living Free Staff

Living Free was founded by Rendell Drummond in February 2013 and he operated the program alone until he met his wife Julie. Together they currently take care of the day to day requirements to keep Living Free thriving. Rendell meets with the men at the facility and leads the onsite operations while Julie takes care of financial and reporting requirements off site.

Rendell Drummond

Rendell spent 15 years of his life as an addict to drugs and alcohol before ending up in drug court. He changed his life at that point and started living free from the chains of addiction. Because of the opportunity that he was given, Rendell decided to create a place for other men to receive help.

Julie Drummond

Julie has a degree in accounting and finance from Athens State. She and Rendell were married in October of 2017. Together, Julie and Rendell have 7 children and 4 grandchildren. Julie has been in church her whole life and currently she and Rendell are members of Daystar Church in Hartselle.

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